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        Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA Invited to Give a Speech in Mexico City

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        At the invitation of Mexico Wushu Association, Master Yanxu, head of Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA was headed for Mexico City to conduct a three-day seminar on Shaolin Culture from April 7th to 9th, 2017, which drew over seventy representatives of martial arts schools and organizations to listen to his speech.

        Master Yanxu gives an instruction to practice.

        On April 7th, with the improvement of friendly exchange between China and Mexico, more and more Mexican began to show great interest in the splendid Chinese culture. Besides, Shaolin Temple had a reputation for its brilliant Shaolin Kungfu, so that it was a great honor for Mexico City to conduct cultural exchanges with Shaolin Warrior monks being here, a government official said in his opening speech.

        The students work hard in gong-fu training.

        More importantly, Master Yanxu gave a brief introduction to some basic knowledge of traditional Chinese culture, the fundamental Buddhist rites, the history of Shaolin culture, the unique gong-fu styles of Shaolin and so on and so forth during the three-day seminar, and the students wrote down what the master has mentioned and participated the gong-fu training actively, and they all showed that they are benefited a lot from the speeches.

        A group photo

        Moreover, this speech was also warmly welcomed and strongly supported by the local Chinese community, Mr. Zhao Zongxi, the representative of overseas Chinese, brought the audience a wonderful lion dance to express his warmest congratulations on the successful holding of the Shaolin cultural seminar.(Editor: Chanyue) 


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